Tips to Make a Mic Sound Like a Studio Mic

Listening to music is a joy on its own. Listening to every beat of the tune, clear audios and the right bass makes the experience enjoyable. A lot of it has to do with how the song is made in the studio. Having the right mic to record the studios makes a huge difference to the song. Professionals use the best quality mics to deliver good quality music and audios for the masses to enjoy. Whether it is a personal or professional project, microphones are an essential tool if you want to record audio.

If you are someone who wants to undertake home music projects but want your recordings to sound like it was recorded in a studio, you might want to invest in a good mic, it will go a long way. But if you are looking for something when you want to record something for fun, you can do it with a regular mic too. It is fairly easy to produce audio that sounds like a recording from a studio mic, with just a few tweaks. If you want to make your regular mic like a phonemic sound like a professional mic, here are a few tips to make a mic sound like a studio mic.

For making a mic sound like a studio microphone, follow these tricks:

  • Place your mic at least 8 inches/ 20 cms away from you

A mic can sound better or worse just by how you position yourself with it. If you hold the mic too close, your voice will sound too loud and almost as if it is booming. To keep the quality of your recording balanced and consistent, maintain a specific distance from your mic so that it picks up the right amount of sound.


  • Record in a room with soft surfaces

Try to record in a room that doesn’t have too many hard surfaces. The sound can bounce off hard surfaces, making it echo, which affects the quality of your recording. Set up a roof that has soft furniture and things on the wall to avoid the echo. You can record in your closet if you have enough space, or record under a blanket.

  • Use a pop filter

You will often see a circular mesh filter in front of a studio mic. This helps in reducing the breathing sounds and softens the tone a little bit. It contributes to recording crisp and clear audio.

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