Difference Between Earbuds and Traditional Earphones

The hunt for a good pair of earphones seems never-ending. Some of them provide great sound quality, while others just look good. The arena of earphones has seen many trends come and go, from bulky headphones that make a dent in your hair to the earphones that are wireless. While all of these products are still very much available in the market people prefer some over others, for various reasons.

Wireless earphones, also known as earbuds, are all the rage right now. They are portable and sleek, making them great for people who are on the go. Traditional earphones, the ones that are wired are great too; they are portable and do not need to be charged. Headphones, the ones that go over your ear and head, are great for people who do not want any external noises interrupting their listening experience. Which one you pick solely depends on what you are going to use the earphones for. If you are looking for something that has a good-looking design and gets the job done, earphones are a great pick. But if you want active noise cancellation and want to listen to everything in detail, you must go for headphones.


Many people use earphones, as they are convenient and many of them now provide sound quality as good as a headphone. There is an ongoing debate on earbuds vs traditional earphones. But a lot of them get confused between the options available and ask what is the difference between earbuds and traditional earphones. The first and most obvious difference between the two is that earbuds are wireless while traditional earphones are wired.

Here’s a list of differences in using earbuds versus traditional earphones:

  • Portability

Both earbuds and traditional earphones are small in size, so they can be carried anywhere very easily. They can fit into your pocket, so you don’t need to make extra space for your earphones.


  • Battery

Earbuds are battery operated and need to be changed from time to time. They often come in a charging case. In the case of traditional earphones, they do not need to be charged as they don’t run batteries. You can simply plug them into your device and use them.

  • Noise Cancelling

This is an important aspect of how you experience your music. Earbuds are designed to fit in your outer ear, which may not provide enough noise cancellation. A traditional earphone comes with rubber tips which fit snug into your ear canal, which provides passive noise cancellation and also ensures that they don’t fall out of your ear.

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