Difference Between 2.0 and 2.1 Soundbars

The televisions produced these days are much thinner than their older counterparts. This is mainly because technological advancements have made bulky television sets unnecessary and outdated, and people seem to prefer thinner screens better. But one problem with such TV units is that they are so thin, they cannot house a powerful speaker. They come with speakers as thin as the TV, and there is only so much that a wafer-thin speaker can offer.

2.1 system

If you are expecting a flat-screen TV to have powerful bass and good throw in sound, you might be fooling yourself. If you want to watch high impact visuals on your HD TV, a good soundbar may help you take care of giving high impact audio to make the whole viewing experience enjoyable. The sole job of a soundbar is to make your TV sound amazing. A soundbar, also known as a media bar, is a loudspeaker that projects audio from a wide enclosure. It is much wider and not so tall, partly due to acoustic reasons, and partly so it can be placed above or below a display, like a computer monitor, home theatre or television screen.

There are many different soundbars available in the market, each of which has different capabilities and offer different sound qualities. The most common ones available for a home theatre set up are 2.0 soundbars and 2.1 soundbars. These are the most basic versions of soundbars in the market. People often wonder what is the difference between 2.0 and 2.1 soundbars. The main difference between soundbar 2.0 vs soundbar 2.1 is the presence of a subwoofer.

Let’s see how different it is listening to 2.0 versus 2.1 soundbar:

  • A 2.0 soundbar has two channels, one speaker for the left channel and one speaker for the right channel built-into the bar. A 2.1 soundbar has three channels and has a built-in subwoofer or an external subwoofer that comes with it. The .1 is the subwoofer channel. Having a subwoofer makes a difference to your listening experience.
  • A 2.1 system of lower quality might not have better bass than a higher quality 2.0 system. Two good woofers in a 2.0 may have better quality and more bass than a 2.1 system with one cheap woofer. You can add a powered subwoofer to any 2.0 system to enhance its audio quality.

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