quality music

Tips to Make a Mic Sound Like a Studio Mic

Listening to music is a joy on its own. Listening to every beat of the tune, clear audios and the right bass makes the experience enjoyable. A lot of it has to do with how the song is made in the studio. Having the right mic to record the studios... Read more →

Ways of Controlling Reverberation Time

A reverberation is basically when a sound gets reflected from a surface causing many more reflections of the sound and then gradually decays as it gets absorbed by other surfaces around it. To simply put, it is how you hear an echo. A reverberation... Read more →
audio system

Tips to Fix HUM in 3 Easy Steps

Having a pleasant audiovisual experience is something most people look forward to when buying music systems. A music system gives a surround sound effect, making the whole viewing experience a lot more enjoyable. But there is one thing that... Read more →
flat-screen TV

Difference Between 2.0 and 2.1 Soundbars

The televisions produced these days are much thinner than their older counterparts. This is mainly because technological advancements have made bulky television sets unnecessary and outdated, and people seem to prefer thinner screens better.... Read more →

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